Inova and the Veterans Administration (VA) are working together to share health information on veterans treated at Inova facilities. The VA’s Veterans Health Information Exchange (VHIE) program gives VA and non-VA healthcare providers secure access to certain parts of veterans’ electronic health records.

Both Inova and the VA are connected to the eHealth Exchange, the federal level health information exchange (HIE) that allows federal agencies and non- federal organizations to come together under a common mission and purpose to improve patient care, streamline disability benefit claims and improve public health reporting through secure, trusted and interoperable health information exchange.

The connection allows clinicians to instantly share patient information across both systems without paper or faxing, improving the coordination of care for veterans who receive care in multiple locations. The partners securely share clinical information across the United States using a standardized approach. The eHealth Exchange connectivity spans across all 50 states and is the largest HIE network in the US. The shared patient information helps providers make more informed decisions, which improves the overall quality and safety of healthcare.

Most people will see multiple providers in their lifetimes. Connecting via the HIE, Inova can ensure patients’ medical records are accessed by their authorized providers wherever they seek treatment.

Legal Disclaimer: This does not constitute an endorsement of Inova or Inova products by the Department of Veteran Affairs. The sharing of health information between VA and Inova is only for veterans enrolled in the VA health care system who have provided written authorization. Family members and TRICARE members are not eligible for this program.

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For more information about the program, visit the VHIE website.