Inova care sites are open – Your health is our priority

All Inova sites are open and serving patients. However, the global IT outage has affected some Inova technology systems. As patient safety is our top priority, we have taken measures to limit the impact to patient care while we work to fully restore standard operations.

This Information Is Designed for Caregivers of Patients at End of Life

Caregivers often feel they have little time to attend to their own needs. This is especially true in end of life care – care that carries additional burdens of anticipated loss and grieving.

It is critical that you care for your own physical health and well-being. Equally critical is that you connect with family and friends who can support you. Ignoring your needs can lead to health problems of your own, physical and mental exhaustion, and isolation. This added stress makes it even harder for you to care for your loved one at this important time for both of you.

We provide a number of suggestions and resources to help you. Consider those that fit the needs of you and your family. You may have additional responsibilities beyond providing care for your loved one so we offer information on many types of support available to you in the community.

    How Are You Doing?

    To begin, take the brief self-assessment (questionnaire in English and Spanish) that was developed by the American Medical Association and used here with their permission. The tool will help you examine some of the common stressors associated with caregiving and how they may affect you. 

      Helpful Resources