Notice of Data Security Incident

Notice of Progress Software Security Incident

Our vendor Nuance Communications, Inc. was impacted by the Progress Software security incident, which affected certain patients’ personal information.

Progress Software recently experienced a data security incident originating from a zero-day vulnerability in its MOVEit secure file transfer software. Nuance Communications (“Nuance”), which provides software solutions to certain healthcare providers, including Inova, uses MOVEit to exchange files with some customers and business partners and was, unfortunately, one of the thousands of organizations impacted by Progress Software’s vulnerability. The incident did not affect any systems or applications beyond the MOVEit application and none of Inova's systems or Nuance's solutions were impacted, but certain individuals’ personal information within the Progress Software MOVEit environment was affected. This notice explains the incident, the measures Nuance has taken in response and the steps individuals can take to protect their personal information: Read the notice